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“There has to be an easier way.”


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Create a Sitter or Parent Profile

The first step is creating your Parent or Sitter Profile.This information is only seen by your connected Parent or Sitter. Stop writing all this information down on scrap paper hoping the Sitter doesn't loose it.

Set Up Appointment

Parents can setup various dates and times when they need their babysitter. These requests are sent to your babysitter through his/her email address. You will be notified when they accept your appointment. No more Sitters wondering "Did you want me at 7 or was it 7:30?"

Task Creation

In each appointment, a Parent can setup Tasks they want the Babysitter to do. The Babysitter will be alerted at each task and the Parent will be informed when each task is complete. Finally, enough with all the "Are they doing what I asked them to do?"

Mobile Payment

Don't stop by the ATM on the way home. Simply use the mobile payment function within ParentsPal and save yourself time. I mean, who carries cash anymore anyway?


Download it, use it,
simplify your life!

ParentsPal helps parents easily manage their babysitters. This includes creating each babysitting appointment, managing tasks you want the babysitter to complete, and paying them through a secure mobile environment.

No more wondering if the babysitter knows when you need them.
No more wondering if the babysitter did what you asked them to do.
No more stopping by the ATM to grab cash on the way home.


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